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September is Designated Driver Courtesy Month

This month has been designated as Driver Courtesy Month by the National Motorists Association.

​​​Wow! How much fun would driving in New Jersey be if we were all courteous drivers?!?!
Think about it – when that pesky driver jumps to the front of the off ramp that you’ve been waiting in for 15 minutes, you simply smile and let them in. How about when you are driving in the middle lane of a three lane highway and the driver two cars up and to the left of you suddenly decides that they just have to get off this exit and cuts across all lanes? Just like they ask on TV – what would YOU do?
New Jersey has a few driving oddities (jug handles) that drivers from other states might not be familiar with , which I admit, could add to the challenge of driving here (as shown in the video above ) but how do we really know what is behind the erratic driving we sometimes experience?
Personally, I admit I am sometimes not as courteous as I could be. I flip-flop between giving people the benefit of the doubt (perhaps they just received a phone call from their child’s school and need to get there quickly) and driving half in the shoulder to keep that jerk from passing on the right.

​ What about you? Want to learn a little more about courteous driving? Why not take the “Are you a Courteous Driver?” quiz and see how well you do?