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Introduced in 1964
Pontiac Tempest GTO
Pontiac began production of the Tempest for the 1961 model year.  Tempest appeared under the LeMans nameplate in model year 1962.  For the 1964 model year, the Pontiac Tempest was enlarged from a unibody compact to a ful-frame intermediate-sized car.  Pontiac, looking to compete needed to make the new LeMans more appealing and realized that the 389 motor, found in full-sized Catalinas and Bonnevilles, would easily fit under the hood.

​However, GM corporate policy stated that A-body series cars could not exceed 330 cubic inches, which required some creativity.  As it turns out, this did not apply to options.  The way around this ban was to offer a 389-equipped Tempest as a special model.  The new performance package would be a low-volume option on the LeMans series, named GTO.

Then Pontiac's chief engineer, New Jersey's own John DeLorean suggested the name GTO, inspired by the Ferrari GTO.  Ferrari had not patented "GTO" here in North America, making it free to use.

By the end of the 1964 model year, the Pontiac GTO had proven itself at the track, as well as on the street.  Road and Track magazine had clocked a Tri-power equipped GTO in the standing quarter-mile, resulting in 14.1 seconds with a top speed of 104.2 mph.​​​​​  A 375-horsepower fuel-injected Corvette, tested by Motor Trend magazine that same year, clocked 14.2 seconds at 100.0 mph. 

In total over 32,450 GTOs were sold in its first year.​​


Cost of Living 1964

​Yearly inflation rate in U.S. 1.28%

Year end close Dow Jones Industrial Average: 874​
Average cost of new house: $13,050
Average income: $6,000
Average cost of a new car: $3,500
Bread: $.21
Gas: $.30

Billboard Top 100
1964 Year-End ​Chart
The Beatles          "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
The Beatles          "She Loves You"
Louis Armstrong    "Hello Dolly"
Roy Orbison           ​"Oh, Pretty Woman"
The Beach Boys      "I Get Around"
Dean Martin           "Everybody Loves Somebody"
Mary Wells            "My Guy"
Gale Garnett         "We'll Sing in the Sunshine"
J. Frank Wilson     "Last Kiss"
​& the Cavaliers
The Supremes       "Where Did Our Love Go"