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Thursday, March 10, 2022

This week's special Guest Callers included: Sentimental Cruisers Bill Moglia (President), Donna Rakowski (Secretary), Bernie McGauley (Committee Member) talking about the April 3rd "Cruise 'Two' the Plumstead Grill" and their Summer car show series ; Dan Murphy of Hot Rod’s Garage shared his upcoming show dates and their associated causes; Ben Deutschman provided an overview of the drive by parade at the Menlo Park Veterans Home; our roving reporter, Tom Paterson, reported on last weekend’s Mid-Atlantic Indoor Nationals; and guest caller RoseMarie gave us a review of the Paper Mill Playhouse production of “The Wanderers”.


This week's special Guest Callers included: Garden State Region Mustang Club's (GSRMC) Michael Diliberto (President and co-founder), sharing information on the GSRMC National Mustang Day event and the Club; Galloping Hill Cruiser-Tom Paterson and Club 3's - Garry Capaldo talking about their rides and helping pull the motor out of "Ruby" NJ Cruise News' very own 1935 Chevy Sedan Delivery; Mr. Fred Wolf sharing information about this year's "Lead East" over Labor Day Weekend.  And, last, but not least, "Hot Rod" Mike shared his weekly pet peeve rant - what not to do when presenting trophies. "I am not just a number, I also have a name"


This week's special Guest Callers: Rachel Molyneaux of Ladies of Motorsports Magazine - Filled us in on their up and coming Car Show this Sunday, with small discussion about Ladies in motor sports. ALSO we had MR Myron Plotkin with the South Jersey Mopar Connection Car Club - talking about their event this weekend at Chickie's & Pete's Saturday. This week's pet peeve: A few Car Show Etiquette Tips.


This week we reviewed events we attended last weekend (South Jersey Mopar Connection's Spring Kick-Off at Chickie & Pete's, Sentimental Cruisers Car & Truck Show at Brackman School, The Annual Karl Meys show in Windsor.)  There was a call in from Donna with the Sentimental Cruisers reminding everyone about this weekend's Cruise Two the Plumstead Grill; and with everything opening up, a few more car show etiquette tips.


A quick thank you to this week's callers - our good friend Frank who provided recommended reading for those interested in Route 66 - "EZ66: A Guide for Travelers" (see you at Lead East, Frank); Terry Siecinski (VP, Galloping Hill Cruisers) reminding everyone that Galloping Hill Cruisers' opening night is Monday, May 9th from 5pm to 9pm at Aviation Plaza with our own "Hot Rod" Mike spinning the tunes; Bert Sierant (Membership Chair, Galloping Hill Cruisers) sharing her love of a red Duesenberg & John Sierant of JS Automotive Restorations in Maplewood sharing how the supply chain is impacting the automotive world. The show wrapped up with a quick review of this weekend's cancellations, new dates, and a few upcoming events.