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Oh, What A Hobby!!!
You’ve been going to shows for years and baby won a few trophies, but just how many do you really need?
No matter your answer to that question, there’s always one or two trophies that you like to have on display. In my husband’s case, it would be his first trophy and the one made by Eagleswood volunteer fireman, Anthony S.—otherwise known as “Bubba”. Each trophy is a one-of-a-kind piece designed and put together to be unique.
His hobby first began about 20 years ago when he was always going to shows and cruises. When he first began organizing shows, he began giving plaques as awards, but then decided he wanted to provide something different. Because he likes “playing with metal”, he started welding pistons, and such together, which grew into people, band members, cars, clocks, whatever he would envision as he acquired parts. Now he puts together anywhere from 50-60 trophies each year.
As he shared his work , there was always something interesting to see. What’s that?!? A bearing? Oh, there’s a key for the heart!!! I felt like every piece was made up of yet more unusual parts. Random pieces of metal are turned into a piece of art. When you take a close look, you’ll find bearings, gears, allen wrenches, spark plugs, chainsaw chains, etc. make up something even your wife would (might) put on display.
Supplies are donated, found at garage sales, repurposed (fire extinguishers into bird feeders or lamps for example).
He designs, creates gets some help from his brother who paints his garvey trophies, daughter who does vinyl.
His love of “playing with metal” has evolved into a hobby that keeps him busy when not spending time with his family, acting as president of Wicked Rides Car Club and the Jersey Shore Boat Racing Club, where he organizes and participates in car shows and boat races.
To see some of his work in person, take a ride to the Sea Pirate Campground, in Eagleswood, on June 4th for the Wicked Rides Car Club 21st annual “Hot Rod Showdown”.